Little Tree Furniture is a family run business, set up by Neil Buckley-Jensen and his wife Aimee, who found a passion for handmade furniture a few years ago on a trip to India.

Neil found some carpenters, had the furniture made and shipped it back to the UK. Friends that visited his home liked the furniture so much that they wanted some, then their friends wanted some and so Little Tree Furniture was created.

“Woodworking with a conscience”

At Little Tree Furniture, we specialise in handmade, reclaimed hardwood quality furniture. No veneers or imitation woods are ever used; just natural solid wood.

In the making of our furniture, we use reclaimed materials that can be over 15o years old, which fit our ethos of ‘Woodworking with a conscience’, recycling materials that otherwise would be lost forever.

Each piece of furniture we create, is unique and because of its reclaimed nature, colouring and markings can vary, giving it its charm and character.