Vendor tutorial

Great news that you’ve decided to open a shop and start selling on Buy Upcycled.

1. First up you need to register

The register button can be found in the top right corner or on the ‘Sell with us’ page.

Fill out your details and click ‘Create account’. You can also do this through your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account.

We will email you with an activation link. If you can’t find the email please check in your Junk folder. Click on the activation link then return to our website to apply to become a vendor.

2. Now you need to apply to become a vendor.

Once you’ve registered, return to Buy Upcycled and click on the ‘vendor dashboard’ button on the header to apply to become a vendor.

Fill out your shop details and click ‘apply to be vendor’.

Your application will be reviewed by us and approved. This can take 24hrs and we will email you notification, again check your Junk folder if it doesn’t arrive.

3. Edit your Shop and add products

Once you receive your confirmation email, you can click the vendor dashboard to add products, see orders, change settings, see reviews and view your store.

Make sure to update details in ‘settings’ and add your paypal account on the payment tab. You must have a paypal account to receive payments.

Click Branding to upload your shop banner and icon. You can set default shipping prices if you like or you may prefer to do this individually when uploading each product. You must set a Shipping & Return policy, explaining how you will ship your items and how people can return an item if it arrives damaged.

Add your first product and you are now officially a shop vendor.

Congratulations and Happy Selling!!