Newly launched in 2017, Buy Upcycled is The Upcycling Marketplace. We are passionate about Upcycling and reducing waste. You’ll find re-used, repurposed, refurbished, recycled, improved or upcycled items on Buy Upcycled.

The website is a creative marketplace that has upcycled products for sale from a community of designers and craftspeople. Shops and individuals can sell directly on the site and everything you find has been lovingly upcycled and is truly unique.

Upcycling has been growing in popularity over the years and it’s a really important way to help reduce the millions of tonnes of waste thrown away each year. Why buy new products when there is an alternative, especially when it’s an AMAZING alternative. Upcycled products not only help to reduce waste, they are often made from top quality materials. A skilled craftsperson has then taken the time to bring this item back to life and make a truly unique product that you’d be hard pressed to find on the high street.

Britain alone produces 280m tonnes of waste each year which is a scarily large amount.  Luckily more and more people are turning to refurbishing old furniture as way to reduce waste. It’s environmentally friendly and a great way to find unique one-off items rather than mass produced products.

We hope you enjoy the new site.


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